“A” Rated Energy Efficient Windows

Endorsed by the Energy Savings Trust and certified by the British Fenestration Ratings Council ( BFRC ) our ‘A’ rated windows are the products of the future available to you today.

They are a proven way to make your home warmer whilst substantially reducing your heating bills; you are also doing your bit for the planet at the same time as you reduce your homes carbon emission output!

There are further benefits too, ‘A’ rated windows offer better sound proofing, 70% condensation reduction and a much longer life span than conventional double glazing.

Windows endorsed by the Energy Savings Trust can carry the energy savings logo as seen on major national TV and advertising campaigns and only windows certified by the BFRC can claim to be rated. When you are shopping for new windows choosing products that carry these logo’s is your guarantee that they save energy, reduce your heating bills and be kind to the environment.

An A – G energy rating has been developed for windows by the BFRC. It is the same rating scale used for household appliances – such as fridges and light bulbs – to clearly show the products that can save customers money and are less harmful to the environment. Don’t just take anybody’s word for it, when choosing windows ask to see the certificate of energy rating for the window you are purchasing – its important! Unfortunately many customers are either being lead to believe they are buying ‘A’ rated windows when they are not or being sold a cheaper product still in the belief that it will have the same rating.

Remember even when the building regulations change in October 2010 you still only need a ‘C’ rated window to comply, but why compromise when the best you can get is available today at competitive prices?

Energy efficient windows cut heat loss through windows and can reduce your home heating bill by up to 30%. Just from reducing the running time of your heating system and locking in thermal energy you can achieve warmer, healthier homes for less expense.

Installing energy efficient windows in your home can improve the sound and quality of light in your home. Sound resistance and light filtration is enhanced providing you with a more comfortable internal environment.

Windows are in place for a long time so the efficiency gains you will enjoy by fitting high performance windows are permanent and they are a true investment as every penny saved in heating costs ( which are predicted to rise by up to 60% over the next 10 years ) is off set against your initial purchase price.

By making homes wind and weather tight with ‘A’ rated windows and with warm modern facilities you can achieve higher internal temperatures than were ever possible before reducing damp and condensation making homes warm and cosy places to relax.

‘A’ Rated facts – over 20 years a saving of at least £11420.00 and a saving of 22.87 tonnes of CO2 emissions and 6.24 tonnes of carbon emissions can be achieved when ‘A’ rated energy efficient double glazed windows are installed*.

The government has set a target date of 2016 to make all new windows ‘A’ rated.

If your windows do not have an ‘A’ rating label your home will score lower for energy efficiency – this could affect the council tax and stamp duty payable if the government introduce a carrot and stick approach ( similar to the road tax bands introduced for car tax ) and link these taxes to energy ratings.

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* Figures have been taken from the carbon calculator developed by the GGF and the calculations have been verified by the energy savings trust – homeowners can access the carbon calculator by going to www.ggf.co.uk. Figures quoted are for replacing single glazing in a detached house with 23 sq mtrs of glass and heated by gas with a fuel inflation rate of 9% – oil central heating would increase savings by an additional 50% and electric heating on day tariff would double the saving.

More Information On The Friction Stays ( or hinges ) used On Our Windows.

The Egress range of friction hinges for our PVC-u windows are designed for safety and emergency exit in accordance with current standards. Designed to accommodate window sizes up to 20kgs, 650mm wide x 1300mm high and to meet the requirements of BS 5588-1:1990 and the building regulations document B fire safety 2000 edition: ‘ The unobstructed openable area, at least 0.33 m2 and at least 0.33m2 and at least 450mm high x 450mm high. The route through the window may be at an angle rather than straight through ‘.

Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, the Egress range is available in three alternative options:

Easy Clean to Egress is designed to operate as a normal hinge allowing cleaning of the external glass upon opening. Egress is achieved by releasing the green tab and applying pressure to the sash to open the window to its maximum width allowing emergency exit.

Restricted Easy Clean to Egress is designed to restrict the initial opening of the window to 100mm in accordance with BS 8213. Upon releasing the restrictor button, the window opens as a normal hinge to easy clean position. Egress is achieved by releasing the green tab and applying pressure to the sash to open the window to its maximum width allowing emergency exit. All Egress hinges may be adjusted for friction to suit the individual weight of the window.

All hinges are austenitic, ferritic, secured by design and fully guaranteed for 10 years.


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