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Why should I change my existing Double Glazing?

Since the early 1980’s installing double glazing or PVC-u windows and doors have been one of the most popular choices that a home owner has made when making home improvements. They have added value to their homes and certainly saved an awful lot of maintenance!

Originally many homeowners simply replaced their windows as a way of improving on their poorly insulating, draughty, condensation rotting timber window frames. So why should you consider changing them again? A valid question but certainly one that every homeowner with windows and doors, as little as five years old, should consider.


Those first replacement windows are certainly not displaying the sorts of problems encountered with the original timber frames but by today’s standards did your know your replacement windows could be costing you money and putting your home at risk?

Just because the PVC-u on your replacement windows looks fine don’t dismiss the idea of changing them again as a major home improvement. Here are 4 important reasons why:

1. Appearance.

20 years ago PVC-u windows were bland and square edged and lacked the aesthetic appeal of the joinery that went before, and you could have any colour as long as it was white! Today’s windows have soft warm curves, traditional details and can simulate timber in every conceivable way. Replica timber grains and fresh colours are now readily available to give your home a distinguished look that was just not possible before.

2. Security.

Nobody likes to think that the things we treasure are at risk but the reality is that unless we take the right steps to protect ourselves we are open to that very possibility. Older PVC-u windows have very primitive locking capabilities and many customers are still convinced that a locking handle on a window provides them with security – believe us it does not – the security is provided by the hardware within. Our windows have state of the art locking systems that we are prepared to back up with a financial guarantee should they be broken in through. Doors are particularly vulnerable and we can show just how quickly a burglar can enter 99% of the PVC-u doors installed in UK homes at present. Again our doors and locks can eradicate this worry from the homeowner.

3. Saving You Money.

Visit any consumer website which advises on energy efficiency measures and they will advise that the first step is to ensure that our homes are adequately insulated. This makes it easier to reach comfortable temperatures in our living space which in turn uses less energy and therefore costs us less money.

Did you know that if your windows were installed prior to April 2002 they could up 20 times less energy efficient than those able to be installed today. Today installing our A rated energy windows will save you up to 25% from your current energy bills, that is £250 to £300 per year on the average UK home and as much as £461* per year in certain circumstances.

4. Reducing CO2.

Replacing your windows with modern thermally efficient ones demonstrates a very real commitment to reducing your carbon footprint. If everyone in the UK fitted A rated energy windows it would be the equivalent to taking 800000 cars off the road. When choosing your windows make sure they are endorsed by the Window Energy Rating Scheme ( BFRC ). The easily recognised EU Energy label ( as you see on white goods in electrical stores ) rates windows by their energy efficiency. Remember every little helps and if cost is a barrier consider replacing the windows in the rooms that you heat most first.


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