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Press Release

Local Company Lead Drive To Help Cut Domestic Energy Bills.

In response to OFGEM’s review of Britain’s energy supplies released on the 9th October, in which the possibility of domestic energy bills increasing by 60% is detailed, local company The Windows are leading the drive to make homes, schools and businesses in the Midlands area energy efficient and save money in these difficult times.

Householders could cut their energy bills by up to 25% per year or an average of £461 per year* by installing A rated Energy Efficient Windows and that figure will only rise with increased energy costs.

Most double glazed windows being installed today are at best F rated and The Windows are trying to educate and inform the consumer to consider carefully what rating their windows are, just as they would with electrical goods.

Not only can they offset rising costs of energy by installing energy efficient products but they can play an active role in lowering their carbon footprint and help the planet at the same time. If every home in the UK installed A rated windows it would be the equivalent in reduction of carbon emissions to removing 880000 cars from the UK roads!

The Windows have launched their own scrap page scheme for windows in the area. They will remove existing inefficient windows and glass and recycle them free of charge and replace with cost effective A Rated products.

Neal Harper of The Windows commented ‘ There are very challenging times ahead for the energy industry in terms of capacity and the massive levels of investment needed to keep pace with the demands of today all of which have to be paid for. As domestic consumers we all need seriously to consider any measures necessary to lessen the impact of the impending price rises for gas and electricity on our domestic fuel bills whilst also actively helping the environment. All consumers should check with their window supplier, new or old, the energy rating of their windows and ask to see the certification to verify it. Not doing so could cost them thousands of pounds over the next few years. ‘

The Windows. 0121 445 0104. www.augustwindows.co.uk


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