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How double glazing cost is really causing a stir

Double glazed windows come in a vast range of sizes, types, and styles, and hence double glazing costs being wide and varied. These range from the lowest plastic window right through to high end hardwood double glazed sash windows. Somewhere in the middle you’ll find uPVC sash windows and Aluminium casements. In this article I intend to go through the major styles of double glazing and delve into their cost a little. The main focus is on a broader understanding of the window market in general so that you’re armed when you head off to get all of those window quotes and hopefully with facts in hand you’ll be able to save a considerable amount of money on your replacement double glazed windows.

Plastic Casement Windows double glazing costs

Amazingly you can bu ya brand new window with decent double glazed units for around £250 according to this trusted double glazing cost source. They are quite clear that a window can be replaced for as little as £250 and this includes full fitting, making good, and then the glass cleaned as well. The frames are obviously given the once over too. I presume this cost will be more of a run of windows basis, so don’t expect someone to come round and measure for just one window at this price, they are probably going to lose money. Amazingly, they make money at this kind of price range.


uPVC sash windows double glazing

uPVC sash windows double glazing is a bit of a step up in terms of looks and costs, they also come with a higher quality of glazing, this is normally a Pilkington low-E type glass which is really good at keep the heat in and also allowing solar rays to pass and then trapping them. This can amazingly add between 5-10% efficiency according to Pilkington themselves. It’s quite clear there are many benefits to Pilkington low-E glazing. Take a look at the resource provided, if your having new windows and double glazing cost is a concern, it would seem that this relatively technologically advanced glass is pretty affordable and makes a real difference to your bottom line.


These windows slide up and down within a vertical frame. This frame is normally solid on a uPVC sash window but often can be box frame if it’s a timber window. This is to allow for the weights in the frame to travel and this mechanism needs to be hidden as they are unsightly. As well as being unsightly, they also need to hide the weight mechanism because its actually quite dangerous having big sash weights crashing around.

Double glazing cost

The cost of plastic windows as we mentioned is around £250 with the cost of uPVC sash windows being around £800 according to these window prices and then for hardwood double glazed sash windows the sky is the limit really. It could be as much as £4000 and even then you might to get any change! This is because they are handcrafted, bespoke made by master craftsmen. You can get metal windows as well but the prices are far less known, as a result I would prefer to only quote trusted sources and I’ll leave that for another search.


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