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Energy Rated Windows

Heatguard is a new range of energy saving windows rated by the British Fenestration Council ( BFRC ).

Endorsed by the energy savings trust, they are amongst the most energy efficient products available today in the UK – and are a proven way to a warmer home.

Heatguard windows can reduce home heating bills, offer better sound proofing, longer life and less condensation. Doesn’t your home deserve Heatguard?

Now endorsed by the Energy Savings Trust, window products that meet efficiency criteria can carry the energy saving recommended logo – as seen on major TV and national advertising campaigns. When you are shopping for new windows choosing ones with the energy saving recommended logo is your guarantee that it will save energy, cost less in heating and be kinder to the environment.

An A-G energy rating has been developed for windows by the BFRC. It is the same as the rating used for household appliances – such as fridges and light bulbs – to clearly show the products that can save customers money and are less harmful to the environment.

Don’t just take anybody’s word for it – when choosing windows ask to see the certificate of energy rating for the window you are purchasing! Unfortunately many customers are initially being offered A rated windows then being sold a cheaper product still believing they are buying an A rated window when they are not! Remember at the present time a window meeting the building regulations and obligations of FENSA may only be an F rated window!

Energy efficient windows cut heat loss through windows and can reduce fuel bills by up to 25% a year. Just from reducing the running time of your heating system and locking in thermal energy, you can achieve warmer, healthier housing for the same or less expense.

Installing energy efficient windows can improve sound quality in your home. With high performance glazing sound resistance is enhanced and a higher quality of air, noise and light filtration achieved – ultimately providing you with a more comfortable internal environment.

Windows are in place for along time, so the efficiency gains you will enjoy by fitting high performance windows are permanent. Energy efficient windows are a much higher standard than traditional products, which means less maintenance and better durability.

By making homes wind and weather tight, warm and with modern facilities, you can achieve higher internal temperatures that reduce damp and condensation. Energy efficient windows make the best use of heating and ventilation systems, making your home a cosy place to relax.


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