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External Condensation

We often receive phone calls from customers after we have installed new windows and doors believing they have a problem with their new glass as it condensates heavily on the outside.

The picture shows the difference in effect between a standard double glazed unit in the door on the left and a Pilkington K glass unit in the door on the right. This generally happens in the morning.

This is a good sign and soon clears. It shows how effective the glass on the right hand side has been at reflecting heat back into the room whereas the unit on the left has let sufficient heat pass through it preventing condensation forming on it.

Internal Condensation

As we insulate our homes to constantly higher standards through energy efficient double glazing, better loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and by the addition of outer rooms such as Conservatories we risk not letting our buildings breathe.

Anyone who has run a standard dehumidifier will tell how surprised they are at just how much water they can collect in the normal home. Washing, cooking and the human body put an immense amount of moisture into the atmosphere around us. Therefore it is important that we use our windows. Opening them regularly, especially whilst cooking and bathing, to let the moisture escape from our buildings. Retained moisture in the home can not only do a lot of damage but damp conditions can also be very harmful to our health. Remember condensation no longer forming on the windows because you have installed new ones has not gone away – it has just formed some else in your home, most likely your plasterwork or carpets!

At The Windows we have a range of ventilation solutions for you when installing new windows that are easy to use, stylish and very practical. For more free advice on condensation issues please contact us at The Windows and Doors.


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