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Hardwood Windows

Using only the finest quality timbers available our hardwood windows are of a superior quality to anything else on the market. All our timbers are 100% FSC certified so their use is in no way detrimental to the environment.

We offer a range of window styles including sliding sash, flush casement and over rebated. All are capable of being double glazed, have drained and vented systems ensuring long life on glass units and double weathersealed.

Security is tested and certified to BS7950. We offer FSC hardwood and softwood. 

Minimising the impact on our rainforests.

We use Eucalyptus Grandis - 100% FSC plantation grown red hardwood. Red Grandis as it is more commonly known is a plantation grown red hardwood with a history of resilient seedling selection leads to a high grade of clear timber. Accordingly, it has a superior consistency in colour, appearnace, eveness of grain ( texture ) and workability. Finishing qualities are excellent and with a natural durability to fungi we are able to include Red Grandis in our manufacturers guarantee of 35 years against wood rot and insect infestation.

What are the advantages to our customers?

Red Grandis is sourced from 100% FSC plantations.

Trees grow in circa 10 years resulting in the ability to source material at very competitive prices - substantially better value than many other engineered hardwoods such as Sapele or Igigbo.


Forest Stewardship Council ( FSC ).

FSC is an international organisation that brings people together to find solutions which promote responsible stewardship of the world's forests. For more information visit